To soldier Gerda of the AZOV!

Gerda, a soldier of the Ukrainian Azov regiment, bravely defending Mariupol, was under siege in "Azovstal" and then spent a year in Russian captivity. She really wants to become a mother and experience the emotions that are such an integral part of every woman's life. The war must not take away Gerda's dream of offspring and continuation of the family.
We support Gerda and want to help realize her dream - to become a mother. You can also help by donating!
Artificial insemination (and related procedures) costs 6,000 euros in Ukraine. This amount of donation would be only a small part of what we are able to do for Ukrainian soldiers!
This is ALL that Gerda dreams about right now, apart from the victory of Ukraine and the coming of peace.


Initially planned costs: 6000 eur