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/ Want peace - prepare for war. With Ukraine's experience for Latvia's security./

Association "TEV" is a charity organization, which was established by an unplanned meeting of several unknown people with one goal - to provide humanitarian support to Ukraine, its civilians, army personnel, medics, as well as refugees from the Ukrainian war in Latvia, including soldiers undergoing rehabilitation in Latvia.

The association unites 10 activists and a large number of volunteers who are actively involved in the association's projects. Within the limits of possibilities, the association provides support to socially vulnerable population groups in Latvia, supporting both financially and practically.
The activity of the association is ensured on the basis of regular financial and material donations and support from legal and natural persons.
The association "TEV" has the status of a public benefit organization, which determines that persons and companies donating to a public benefit organization are entitled to receive tax benefits stipulated by law.

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/ Thanks and appreciation for the support provided, active involvement, and participation in providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine/

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